Lloyd and Charlie…Friends For Life!!!

These guys are FUN and TALENTED! After many years of traveling together and performing at hundreds of events and schools…Lloyd and Charlie are very best of friends. Lloyd and Charlie perform together when they can but mostly they work by themselves these days because of where they live.

You see, Charlie lives in Washington near the Canadian border and Lloyd lives in Colorado and they both love their homes and being with family. It’s no secret both of these guys each think they live in the best place on the planet. They tease and joke with eaclloydandcharlieh other all the time who has the best life. Their friendship thrives and continues to grow because they are both dedicated to God and their families and they also both love sharing their talents and message of hope with kids and adults alike. They both know what it is like to go through hard times and that is why they do what they do.

These two very special friends combined their talents never knowing that they would learn so much from each other. Both admiring and respecting each others talent, Lloyd learn how to draw from Charlie and Lloyd taught Charlie how to sing and perform. Because they both wanted the best for each other, they now both use art and music to promote respect, responsibility and doing your personal best in their own shows. The sad part is Lloyd and Charlie do not get to work together as much as they would like, but the good thing is they are touching twice as many lives.

Winners love doing their best. Trophies and ribbons are just a bonus; we are all winners when we do our best. You feel your best, when you do your best. Whether they are performing together or by themselves, the message is always the same…simple but powerful…

“Remember, Choose to Win and, Always…DO YOUR BEST!”