What is the Choose to Win School Program?

The program is Edutainment with purpose. Speakers & Entertainers Lloyd Mabrey and Charlie Gorsuch use art and music to portray an invaluable lesson to our kids that you will always be a winner as long as you Choose to win and Do your personal best!Their message encourages listeners to use their own unique talents to build on the positive part of life and move forward with purpose. Lloyd and Charlie's message is simple: it's about respect, responsibility, and doing your own personal best! You get out of life what you earn.

What audiences do they target?

Lloyd and Charlie enjoy performing for all age groups. Their primary target is K-6th grade; however, they have performed for every grade level. For events such as corporate functions and conventions they tailor their program for an adult audience, but still retain the key principles of respect and responsibility motivation in character value education.

About Lloyd, Charlie and the “Choose to Win” Program

Lloyd Mabrey, accomplished singer, songwriter, 12 string guitarist and storyteller teams up with "Quick Draw" Charlie Gorsuch, caricature cartoonist and motivational speaker. They both combine forces to create one of the most unique and powerful presentations available in Children's Programming today. By allowing kids to play a positive role in their performance by showing their talents, they effectively illustrate the "Do Your Best" message - EVERYONE is a winner by participating and doing their own personal best! Their recipe for success blends motivational entertainment and character value education resulting in a school program that is powerful, meaningful and most of all, FUN!! The basic message that Lloyd and Charlie are conveying to children is simple - You get out of life what you earn! Respect, responsibility and healthy choices are the building blocks to get you there! By using art and music, Lloyd and Charlie have developed a fun, effective way to illustrate these basic principles of character value education and instill them in students by allowing THEM to be the star of the show! During the assembly, all children get an opportunity to be an artist or a singer, and each child is a "winner" by participating and doing his or her personal best! Although primarily geared for elementary school children, adolescents and adults alike can benefit and grow positively by recognizing the basic principles that Lloyd and Charlie's programs have to offer. 

The sun and rose are symbols that Charlie uses during his art presentation. The sun represents positive attitude and the rose symbolizes the key four letter word LOVE.

The Choose to Win School Program ties in with:

Lloyd and Charlie's Motivational Tools for Success

The number one tool for success that Lloyd and Charlie possess is their natural talent for entertaining and enlightening others. Lloyd's musical talents and Charlie's ability for caricature cartooning are guaranteed to produce smiles on teachers and students alike! Lloyd and Charlie have also recorded original music which is available for purchase. This includes songs and stories written to motivate children. It also contains a variety of sing-a-long tracks which are very effective in a classroom setting. They are continually developing curricula and in-services which are geared towards character value education and motivational skills. With their unique school program and positive products, they are heading into the next century as major innovators of Children's Programming.

Assembly Set Up Information

Staging Requirements:

For cafeterias, gyms, or multi-purpose rooms:
Please set-up room as indicated at the right, lengthwise.
If possible, they prefer for the children to sit on the floor, not in chairs.

If you have an auditorium with a stage, please let Lloyd and Charlie know in advance.

Sound Requirements:


Please make sure that each child brings a pencil to the performance. Papers, binders, books and other materials should be left in the classroom.

Where do Lloyd and Charlie perform?

Together and individually Lloyd and Charlie perform their program at schools, teacher in-services, grand openings, conventions, county fairs, corporate and special events Nationwide. Just click on "Contact Us" for available dates & pricing!!